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CAS Heating & Air is a family-owned business that understands the importance of looking after your family’s health. Helping with your indoor air quality needs, particularly if someone in the household has breathing ailments or allergies, is a task we take very seriously indeed. With over 14 years’ experience, and trusted in thousands of homes across Southern California you can be sure of our expert solutions and care.

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Cleaner Air

Enjoy the peace of mind of cleaner air in your home. With the EPA rating indoor air pollution as one of the main environmental hazards to public health, you’ll be pleased to know that some simple solutions can help. Not only that, but if you suffer from breathing ailments or allergies we can customize an indoor air quality solution for your needs. It’s the extra care and attention that can make all the difference to your home comfort.

HEPA Filters

One of the main ways to improve your air quality is a High Efficiency Particulate Filter, which can filter out 99.7 percent of airborne particles down to a size of 1.8 microns. In actual fact the filters manage to filter out particles much smaller than this too, up to 1.8 microns in size. These filters can be particularly useful to people with allergies or breathing difficulties, while everyone can benefit from the removal of outside air pollution in what is a famously polluted area.

Germicidal UV Lamps

While filters catch particles, our germicidal UV lamps kill germs and mold – including airborne disease and organic contaminants. These are the systems used in hospitals and health care facilities to help prevent the spread of disease.

Humidity Control

The level of humidity can impact on comfort levels as well as temperature. For those with breathing difficulties, controlling humidity levels can help with their day-to-day comfort.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas which can come from numerous sources in the home including but not limited to fireplaces, stoves, attached garages, and furnaces. Unfortunately, extended periods of exposure can be deadly. Carbon monoxide alarms will monitor CO levels in your home, and notify you when they become dangerously high.

System Upgrades

Many indoor air quality solutions are available as upgrades to your existing central furnace, heat pump or air conditioning system.

Duct Cleaning

Periodic and thorough cleaning and decontamination of your home’s ducts can assist with indoor air quality as well. See our duct cleaning page here (link to Air Duct Cleaning Page)

Professional Service

Our indoor air quality experts provide a friendly and professional service that will help answer your questions, and find a solution for all your indoor air quality needs.

For all your indoor air quality needs in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, Ventura County, and Bakersfield call and speak with CAS today to arrange a Tune-up and Maintenance Inspection or Free Estimate.

Quick Indoor Air Quality Facts

  • Your home could be up to 70 times more polluted than the outdoors.
  • Indoor air pollution is one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health.
  • Indoor Air Purification, Air Cleaning, and Air Filter products available.
  • 90% of common colds are caught indoors.

EPA – Indoor Air Quality Facts

The Environmental Protection Agency has stated homes can be up to 70 times more polluted than the outdoor environment. They have also identified indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health. With Americans spending nearly 90% of their time indoors, it’s no wonder there has been a sharp increase in the number of asthma & allergy cases each year. What you inhale has an immediate and profound effect on things such as appetite, digestion, moods, depression, anxiety, irritability and sleep. Improve your home’s air quality and you will have a healthy home that is comfortable, safe and inviting.

Just like water, air is vital for survival, yet it must be clean and free of harmful contaminants. Do you think the air in your home is clean? Even the best of air filters, changed on a regular monthly basis, will not clean your air of the viruses, allergens, bacteria, and harmful gases that are in every home. Although you can’t see them, they are still there, too small to be caught by your HVAC air filter so they just pass through your home over and over again. In addition to the airborne viruses, bacteria, mold spores, that are found in your home, there are also VOC’s. VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are gases emitted from products found in the home including: air fresheners, cleaning supplies, pesticides, furnishings, craft materials, glues and adhesives, permanent markers, building materials, paint strippers, as well as emissions from stoves, ovens, fireplaces, and some portable heaters. Families that have young children, elderly people, anyone who has allergies or is immunocompromised will be healthier and feel better breathing clean air.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Are you ready to have cleaner air in your home? If you have questions we are here to help. Every home is different and has different needs. Let us know about your concerns and we can help guide you the product that will best fit your needs.

Air Scrubber Plus with Active Technology

Air Scrubber Plus® is a revolutionary new system designed to help eliminate indoor air quality risks by reducing air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, mold, odor-causing bacteria and odors caused by pets and cooking.

Air Scrubber Plus® with ActivePureTM technology, cleans, freshens and purifies the air using specialized germicidal UV light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process that creates enviroscrubbing molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, just like nature’s outdoor scrubbers.

SafeGuard Germicidal UV CleanserDownload PDF

According to the EPA indoor air is often 70 time more polluted then outdoor air. Problems include odors, toxic chemical vapors, as well as mold bacteria, viruses, and allergens. because they all pass through the central air system a whole-house air purifier offers homeowners a practical and cost effective solution. Advanced heating & air service guy will help you choose the right one for your home.

Aprilaire Whole-Home Air PurifiersDownload PDF

Aprilaire Whole-Home Air Purifiers are installed as part of your home’s central heating and cooling system, away from living areas. The air in your home runs through our state-of-the-art filter media, delivering clean air throughout your entire home, silently and efficiently. Advanced Heating & Air offers a variety of air purifiers, each one designed to help homeowners achieve the right level of comfort for their unique needs. Be sure to ask Advanced Heating & Air service Tec which solution is right for your home and your family.

Lennox Healthy Climate MERV 11 FilterDownload PDF

This air cleaner filter reduces medium-sized particles (pet dander, hairspray, dusting aids, household cleaners, auto emissions) and large-sized particles (pollen, household dust, airborne dust mite debris, mold spores, common allergens, clothing fibers, and carpet fibers) in your air. The filter should be replaced regularly to achieve the best results.

Air-Care Gold Electrostatic FilterDownload PDF

Air-Care electrostatic air filters clean the air by using static electricity – a safe, naturally occurring phenomenon. An electrostatic charge is generated by air flowing through a maze of static prone fibers. Airborne particles are attracted and held by the static charge until released by washing.

Air-Care manufactures electrostatic air filters in many custom sizes and frames for virtually any configuration and application. We manufacture standard frame widths of 1/2″, 1″ and 2″ gold anodized extruded aluminum frames (gold frames). This high performance lifetime Furnace Filter replaces a standard low efficiency ‘throw away’ filter with no modification to the system.